Lambrettas in Colombia – The Auteco Factory

We've published an image of the Colombian Lambretta factory before which was an image of Indian SIL Lambrettas being assembled in South America, taken some time during the 1970s by the looks of it. However the company behind it, Auteco, are still going and in 2011 celebrated their 70th anniversary, which revealed some interesting photos... … Continue reading Lambrettas in Colombia – The Auteco Factory

The Colombian Lambretta Factory

Continuing our photographs of old scooter factories (and let's face it, what's not to like about delving into this kind of history?), here's a shot of the Auteco Lambretta factory on Colombia that has been used by Scooter Restorations in their advertising material in the past. Auteco (Auto Technica Colombia) began assembling motorcycles in South … Continue reading The Colombian Lambretta Factory