Milan: home of the Lambretta factory

Derelict Innocenti offices.
Derelict Innocenti offices.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Milano though, a pilgrimage to the old Innocenti factory is a must!
Located in the Lambrate region of the city, a monument to the Lambretta was recently installed on a roundabout nearby, Casa Lambretta supplied the necessary scooter (we reported on its unveiling last year).

Lambretta monument, unveiled in 2014.
Lambretta monument, unveiled in 2014.

Our recent ride through Milan took us around the old factory site, which still occupies a large area in the district. Most of it is derelict now, but Innse steel company still occupy offices and factory space here, while at the opposite end flats, apartments and shops are slowly being built on old factory land.

We did a couple of laps of the site, turning back at the roundabout with the Lambretta monument nearby, snapping a few photos of the iconic water tower, offices and factory buildings. Not our first visit, but something you somehow feel compelled to repeat.

the Innse water tower.
the Innse water tower.

And our advice if you make a similar pilgrimage is to then go out to Rodano just a few miles up the road and visit the Museo Scooter e Lambretta as well, which is well worth a visit.

So, not quite the usual holiday snaps people take I’m sure, but we scooterists are a rare breed…

Factroy buildings on the Innse site.
Factory buildings on the Innse site.

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8 thoughts on “Milan: home of the Lambretta factory

    1. Thank you for sharing that Lars, some fascinating photographs – presumably taken a few years ago now? Unfortunately a lot of those buildings are now demolished.

    2. Hello Folks – I was at the site about 4 hours ago and it seems as per the photos posted – two big hanger like structures – one minus roof and so nature is overtaking inside – still easily accessible via hole in fence left of path under flyover at edge of park – worth a visit MJ Stourbridge

  1. hi we are going to Italy in 8days and would love to visit the old facory site can anybody tell me the address

    1. If you go to the monument and ride out towards the ring road you’ll find it.
      Just look for the Innse water tower on the opposite side of the road!

      1. I want to take my scooter fanatical hubby to the factory for his 50th any suggestions for the best way to book a holiday to this area and the little lambretta museum?

      2. The monument is in an industrial area of Milan and the scooter museum a few miles away. If you’re not driving out then a weekend break with car hire would be best. Have fun!

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