Snow Boarding with Vespa

While the recent snow isn't great for anyone with a two-wheeled commute, if you have the time and space to play then why not enjoy it? SIP Scootershop down in southern Germany have both the space, the right equipment and scooters too. Granted that fitting spikes to your tyres here in the UK for the … Continue reading Snow Boarding with Vespa

SIP’s Green Future

Going green is not only a buzz-phrase many were picking up on these days, it is also arguably something all of us should be thinking about. SIP Scootershop in Germany have certainly been looking at the green angle in all aspects off their daily life, and for some time now. Their new logistics and administration … Continue reading SIP’s Green Future

Earn your scooter sticker!

Sticker-bombing your scooter is currently a popular thing, but the ones that really stand out are those with a story to tell beyond the artistic result... Joining in with the fun are SIP Scootershop in Germany who have just announced they have produced a sticker to add to your collection – for free – but … Continue reading Earn your scooter sticker!