SIP’s Green Future

Going green is not only a buzz-phrase many were picking up on these days, it is also arguably something all of us should be thinking about. SIP Scootershop in Germany have certainly been looking at the green angle in all aspects off their daily life, and for some time now. Their new logistics and administration building in 2016 features a groundwater heat pump and has underfloor heating along with  triple glazed windows. They use LED technology for lighting that automatically adjusts throughout the day as required, which s pretty clever too, and they have completely converted the electricity requirements of their company building in Landsberg to green electricity from 100% hydropower.

If you’ve ever ordered from SIP you’ll know that they use both cardboard boxes and brown paper to protect the contents, both made of recycled paper. Of course at the customers end this is far easier to recycle that yards of bubble wrap too. as you may also imagine while striving towards being a paperless office, what they do have to use is also recycled. 

SIP have also introduced their own range of green oil, namely Formula Green which is a biodegradable, fully synthetic ashless 2-stroke engine oil, that they tell us is, “Especially designed for the modern, environment minded users of 2-stroke engines.” It id suitable for both pre-mix, as well as in oil injection systems and SIP claim it has, “Excellent protection against wear, even at high speeds and high temperatures.”

“SIP Formula Green´s formulation is based on complex esters, combined with a high performance additive package with oxidation protection. It is formulated with special additives to protect the engine from rust and corrosion during operation and when in storage.”

So there you have it. While shipping scooter parts from Germany to private customers the UK may not be the greenest option, if your local scoter shop stocks SIP’s green 2-stroke then there is a start towards doing your bit if you are so inclined. And remember, the less pollution then the better it is for all of us, both regards to health and in relation to knee-jerk reactive regulations that politicians seem keen on introducing to show they are ‘doing their bit’ too. 


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