Earn your scooter sticker!


Sticker-bombing your scooter is currently a popular thing, but the ones that really stand out are those with a story to tell beyond the artistic result…

Joining in with the fun are SIP Scootershop in Germany who have just announced they have produced a sticker to add to your collection – for free – but there are rules attached!

They say, “Just as a classic pass sticker of a mountain pass, you only get it at the highest point. You get our SIP – Landsberg ‘Pass Sticker’ only when you come by scooter to the SIP Headquarters in Landsberg am Lech and ask our staff. We´ll happily hand it over to you free of charge!”

So if you want one of these exclusive stickers, you need to ride to the shop in Landsberg and become a member of the exclusive group of scooterists who have honestly earned this sticker.

They add, “Sorry, there is no other way,” which is must like getting a photo at the top of the Stelvio Pass with your club’s sticker on the sign – you’ve got to be there to get it!

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