Snow Boarding with Vespa

While the recent snow isn’t great for anyone with a two-wheeled commute, if you have the time and space to play then why not enjoy it?

SIP Scootershop down in southern Germany have both the space, the right equipment and scooters too. Granted that fitting spikes to your tyres here in the UK for the minimal amount of snow we get might be overkill (although some of our Scottish readers may think otherwise!), but if you want to do that then SIP have the necessary spikes and chunky crosser-style tyres too.

They also have a suitable scooter, namely their Project ESC Vespa that was built by Butcher Garage and featured in edition 7 of ScooterNova magazine (click here to buy). I’m not so sure that the Vespa 90ss is as suitable, but with the addition of studded chunky tyres it seems to cope well too…

So with a borrowed digger and a yearning for fun, the SIP crew bought scooter-assisted snowboarding to the streets around their Bavarian shop.

Check out this little video they made and decide for yourself whether it’s better than building a snowman in the park!



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