Lambretta Misano engine casings

Just days after we get to see the beautiful billet Lambretta and Vespa casings from BSG Casa Lambretta here at Bridlington T&C Show, the internet is alive with rumours that more new Lambretta engine casings are soon to be arriving on the market. The Misano casings originate from Tino Sacchi in Italy, he of Targa … Continue reading Lambretta Misano engine casings

Photos from Bridlington Scooter Trade & Custom Show

So there we were at the Bridlington Trade & Custom Show at the weekend, the final event in the BSRA calendar for 2014. It was a long ride up but the show and in particular the scooters on display made it more than worth it. As well plenty of custom scooters, there were some tasty … Continue reading Photos from Bridlington Scooter Trade & Custom Show

Lambretta & Vespa billet engines, and 305cc kit with 51hp!

Yes the rumours are true – and if you attended the Bridlington Trade & Custom Scooter Show in the UK on 25 October 2014 you'd have seen all this for yourself! That is of course if you could get close enough to the Rimini Lambretta Centre stall at the show, which always seemed to be … Continue reading Lambretta & Vespa billet engines, and 305cc kit with 51hp!

NEW! 305cc Lambretta Kit

Previewed a few months ago, Rimini Lambretta Centre have recently posted some more photographs and information of the forthcoming Casa Lambretta 305cc kit and brand new engine casings to boot. Apparently this new 305cc Casa Lambretta engine was made by BSG. BSG are Italians Fabio Begani, Stefano Scauri and Alessandro Graiani who are behind a CNC aluminium … Continue reading NEW! 305cc Lambretta Kit

Barn find Lambretta Series 1

The Lambretta Series 1 is a model we hold dear to our hearts here at Scooternova, which also translates into yes, we have and they are a lovely scooter to ride too! Sadly though, not in as amazingly original condition as this example which was recently unearthed by Rimini Lambretta Centre in Italy. The condition … Continue reading Barn find Lambretta Series 1

Frankenstein’s scooters from Italy to Istanbul – the third Video

If you've enjoyed the first two videos in this series, then here's the third in the series... If you've not read the previous post, or have a poor memory, then it's about a Honda-powered Lambretta, a Suzuki-powered Maicoletta and a Lambretta-powered Lambretta, riding from Italy to Istanbul. Enjoy...

Italy to Istanbul on Frankenstein’s Scooters

Last year freelance scooter journalist Sticky took a riding holiday from Italy to Istanbul with his family aboard some truly Frankenstein-like scooters.He rode his Lambretta (powered by a 250cc Honda motorbike engine) while his wife had a Maicoletta scooter (fitted with a 400cc Suzuki bike engine), and together with Dean from Rimini Lambretta Centre (on … Continue reading Italy to Istanbul on Frankenstein’s Scooters