Lambretta Misano engine casings

Just days after we get to see the beautiful billet Lambretta and Vespa casings from BSG Casa Lambretta here at Bridlington T&C Show, the internet is alive with rumours that more new Lambretta engine casings are soon to be arriving on the market. 10576511496_730930cdc9The Misano casings originate from Tino Sacchi in Italy, he of Targa Twin fame. As far as we know the casings are based on a standard Lambretta engine, with either small or large block versions available. They are sandcast in Italy and the claimed advantage over original engine casings is – apart from availability of course – that they have been designed to take a larger crank, and have more metal around the crank mouth, so a larger capacity top end can be fitted without extra modification. The ‘super’ crank is apparently 33% larger than normal and designed to make running a more powerful engine less stressful.

Other improved features include a redesign (taking cues from the J-range motors) so that the oil seals either side of the crank can be hanged without a full engine strip, which is a great idea, and the ability to fit engine mounts in different position to allow for carb configurations.

Rumour has it though that the engine’s will only run with Tino’s Varitronic variable ignition, which may not be to everyone’s taste.


Tests have apparently been carried out in Australia over 7,000km with positive results, and the first engines are available there at a price of A$3736.36, which translates to around £2060. This apparently gets you the engine casing, Varitronic ignition, crank, mag flange, studs, and at least some of the bearings and seals (we’re not quite sure how many!). If you want full details then these are the Australian retailers or visit Tino’s site. It looks like Mike Phoenix will be a UK retailer soon too.

So folks, what do you reckon in the battle of the new Italian engines – The cast Misano lump, or billet motor from BSG Casa Lambretta?

BSG Casa Lambretta billet engine.
BSG Casa Lambretta billet engine.
Prototype Misano engine.
Prototype Misano engine.


5 thoughts on “Lambretta Misano engine casings

  1. Tinos with the 305 top end just nudges it for me. Aparantly the 305 runs on a P range vespa too. The big crank is the thing that pushes tinos over the line before the BGM. id like to see them both side by side for final decision. . 2 k then.another 2k on top..i can build two TS 225s for that !

    1. I think you’re getting the two muddled up Kevin.
      BSG are developing a 305cc kit and bigger, stronger crank that fits both the Casa Lambretta/BSG Lambretta and BSG Vespa billet engines.
      As far as we know Tino’s engine has a big crank and is capable of having big kits fitted but nothing produced yet.
      Ps your two TS1s will put out about 24hp each, the BSG 305cc Vespa engine running at Bridlington put out 51hp! 😉

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