The Last BSRA Scooter Rally of 2016 at Bridlington


After a couple of weekends without rallies, we were more than ready for the ride to Bridlington on Friday morning for the last BSRA scooter rally of this season.  A surprisingly mild trip saw our merry band of scooter riders arrive mid afternoon. After locking up the scooters and a quick scrub-up we were ready to hit the town to catch up with news from all over the UK and Europe.

brid800_3463.jpgbrid800_3450.jpgVFM organised the night’s entertainment at the Bridlington Spa.  Too much chatting around the pubs meant we only danced the last couple of hours away on Friday night.

brid800_3422.jpgAn early start on Saturday morning at the big custom show, also held at the Spa, is hosted by the Lambretta Club of Great Britain. As in previous years, the day flew by with so much to see and there was no let up in the crowd of enthusiasts. Just by the main stage were a couple of very rare and special guests, courtesy of Rimini Lambretta Centre and Casa Lambretta, who brought the 1951 world record-breaking Lambretta scooter plus a classic factory Model C Racer with many unique parts.

brid800_3201.jpgThere were 100 entrants this year with some of the top custom scooters as well as beautiful original condition and restored machines.  It was a treat to see Mike Karslake’s Series 2 and sidecar which had been ridden to the event.  The BSSO display of race machines included the Production Class winner Barrie Braithwaite of Team SLUK who was presented with another piece of history – a restored Milano-Taranto trophy.brid800_3433.jpgTrophy Presentations took some time with 42 prizes to give out for the show winners.
LCGB published results are here.brid800_3302.jpgbrid800_3561.jpg

BSRA Best Supporting Winners were also announced:
Best Supporting Male : Richard Cowe
Runner Up: Mark Swinge
Best Supporting Female: Vicki Swinge
Runner Up : Karen Soulsby
Best Supporting Club: London Lambretta Clubbrid800_3536.jpg brid800_3541.jpg

Once the presentations were over and owners retrieved their scooters, a crowd followed Rimini Lambretta Centre and Casa Lambretta outside to see the SSR250 in action.  Quite a machine!brid800_3611.jpgAfter a very exciting and entertaining day, it was time to brave the busy pubs, before heading to the do at the Spa for the last National Scooter Rally party night of 2016.  We’ve had yet another amazing year on the road and, thanks to a few winter warmer rallies, it’s not over yet.

brid800_3198.jpg brid800_3240.jpg brid800_3233.jpg brid800_3228.jpg brid800_3210.jpg  brid800_3293 brid800_3289.jpg brid800_3270 brid800_3253.jpgbrid800_3253.jpg  brid800_3309.jpg  brid800_3316.jpg brid800_3391.jpg brid800_3344.jpg brid800_3338 brid800_3404 brid800_3570.jpg brid800_3564.jpg brid800_3420.jpg


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