Lambretta Innocenti Update Sheets

I’ve recently been enjoying reading through some old Innocenti update  over recent weeks, both to answer a few questions from fellow scooter club mates, and also for an article in the forthcoming edition 21 of ScooterNova magazine.



Back in the 1950s and 60s, Innocenti of Milan sent out these update sheets to inform of changes to their product range of both two and three-wheelers, so that importers, concessionaires and dealers knew had the latest information. Updates could be as simple as changing the make of spark plug fitted to a scooter, right up to replacement frames and forks being used.


The update above announces the change from 4-pole to 6-pole stator plates in 1962 on the Li Series 3 Lambretta range.


The ring-binder I have came from Martyn Scully of the Barnsley Vikings SC and while not complete, certainly gives an interesting insight to the ongoing development of the scooter and three-wheelers at the factory.
Looking back on it now I’m sure dealers at the time must have cursed Innocenti whenever anything changed significantly, but in a world before CAD and other computer aided development this is how it happened; it was all down to men in brown coats in a factory’s R&D department.


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