Scooter Rallies 2021 – Official BSRA dates

As far as scooter rallies go, 2020 has sadly pretty much been written-off socially thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Event organisers have understandably had to cancel everything due to Government restrictions, as well as for the safety of both those working and those attending too. It might seem easy on paper to put together a rally or show, but factor in  face masks, hand cleanser, social distancing and a few drinks, and it’s never going to be the big party we all know and love. Not yet at least…

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To give us all something to look forward to however, the BSRA Committee have been working hard behind the scenes to put together a fun-filled calendar for 2021.
Of course at the time of writing no one can predict what the pandemic gripping the world will do next, but dates and venues have been provisionally booked with steps in place to organise a season full of scooter fun, as long as it is safe for everyone to do so.


So before we get to the dates announced for 2021, here is an official statement from the BSRA:

Hello fellow scooterists.
As we all have had our full year of national scooter rallying cancelled due to the covid pandemic, I’m writing this with hope for next year, 2021, that we can get back to our lifestyle of riding and participating in the great partying in our beautiful world.

As we look at the organising of events for next year, we fully understand that restrictions of large gatherings and live entertainment is very much up in the air and we cannot guarantee that we may be in the same situation again having to cancel events.
Many of the organisations of the BSRA Committee have had to sign up covid disclaimers with their venues and councils. Another problem we may face is said venues going under in these unsecured times. SO PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT NO BSRA ORGANISER CAN BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CANCELLED EVENTS DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS OR VENUES GOING BUST.
The BSRA also cannot be responsible for accommodation bookings if the rally is cancelled (all of the organisers are scooterists and some have personally lost money this year on cancelled events).
We are releasing our list of official national rallies for 2021 earlier than the normal October custom show weekend to hopefully give us hope and give more notice to other smaller events that have faced the same situation.
So here we go our list of scooterist organised events for scooterists:

BSRA National Scooter Rallies 2021
April 2nd-5th (Easter): Scarborough
April 30-3rd (May bank): Weston-super-Mare
May 28-30th (Whitsun bank): Kelso, Scotland
June 25th-27th: Big 7, Kent
July 9th-11th: Cleethorpes
July 30th -August 1st: Aberystwyth, Wales
August 26th -30th (Bank Holiday):  Isle of Wight
September: South West National – T.B.C.
October 29th-31st: Southport Trade & Custom Show

On behalf of my fellow BSRA counterparts we hope to be riding to an event and sharing in what we do best.
Yours, Matty
(Acting BSRA chairman – 2020)


We here at ScooterNova magazine will publish any further information as it becomes available on our blog and events pages.
The BSRA Facebook page can be found by 
clicking here, and their main website click here.

So until we meet again, take care, stay safe and look after yourself as well as those around you, and hopefully we’ll all be back together on the road soon.

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