ScooterExpo One Year On

This time last year we were recovering and reflecting on the first ever ScooterExpo, an event organised jointly by us  here at ScooterNova magazine with our friends at Sluk that we wanted to be slightly different from all that had gone before it.


When I first mentioned to Iggy that I had some ideas for ScooterNova to put on some events, it didn’t take long to realise two minds could create something even more impressive. He came up with the venue in Alfreton, local to him (in fact as a young scooter lad he used to drink in a pub over the road) that had previously be used by the NSRA for a few shows, almost 30 years previous. I set about drawing up the list of scooters to invite and creating floor plans for their display along with the selected traders that would also form a major part of ScooterExpo.


On the day nearly all of the 100 scooters made it to ScooterExpo. Yes, there were a couple of minor blips in the plan, with the weather and personal reasons unfortunately meaning there were one or two gaps in the halls. The torrential rain also meant there was nowhere for Noah to park his ark outside either with the venue’s car park reaching capacity early on – Alfreton actually suffering a minor gridlock on Sunday morning as many chose to attend in cars rather than on scooters.


That said, those who braved the weather did so from all four corners of the country and enjoyed almost 100 of the finest classic and custom scooters ever exhibited together at a single event in the UK, together with a some of the most respected names and brands amongst the traders and a few special guests speakers as well.


Iggy and I are dead proud of what we achieved with ScooterExpo and of the friends and colleagues who helped made it happen. Of course the pandemic this year has put a lot of things on hold but there is always 2021 to look forward to…
In the meantime click the link here to view the gallery of ScooterExpo 2019 and some of the finest scooters on display together.


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