The 70s Scooter Scene

north bay 1979_Brad

Do you enjoy scooter nostalgia written by those who actually lived it? Then you’ll love the latest edition of ScooterNova magazine.

Writing exclusively for ScooterNova, Part 1 of Mark ‘Brad’ Brough’s “Not So Swinging 70s” article appears in the new edition 20 of the magazine. It was during a family holiday to Bournemouth as a kid in the early 1970s that a couple of ‘fully loaded’ Lambrettas really caught Brad’s eye.

He took those images back to Scunthorpe with him, “became even more of a wannabe” as he checked out Scunny’s own scooter boys and the rest, as they say, is history.

Brad_rally 2

Brad’s article in ScooterNova about the fashion, the people and the scooters that formed the scooter scene during the 1970s is the perfect compliment to his fantastic book “Time, Trouble and Money.” If you have one, you need the other. If you have neither, you need to get both to read the his story of the burgeoning scooterboy scene by someone who was part of it. 

Edition 20 of ScooterNova magazine

Part 1 of “The Not So Swinging 70s” is exclusive to ScooterNova magazine and you can buy edition 20 from our secure online shop today for delivery direct to your home by clicking the link here.