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As stated in the latest edition of ScooterNova magazine itself, to compliment the review of the edition 215 that has just been published we have added this brief online gallery.
With most of the 100 scooters entered exhibited on the day there simply wasn’t the space in the magazine to show them all, so here are some of the photos we couldn’t fit in to the pages. You’ll find more images on the SLUK website too. As with all the running around and organising of the event on the day neither Iggy nor myself actually managed to capture every single scooter there on film (or rather the digital equivalent!).
Thanks again to all those who exhibited scooters, attended the event and helped out with its smooth running. The feedback from exhibitors, visitors and traders alike is that this event was up there with the best of them and everyone had a great day out. Sorted.

The 2019 ScooterExpo programme together with an old NSRA one from a previous event in Alfreton.
The gift bag given out to all exhibitors included an exclusive commemorative medal and event patch.

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