A closer look at the Dystopian Project

There are those who ‘fettle’ in their sheds, some simply ‘maintain’. There are a few however with the ability to ‘create’ and the Dystopian Project scooter is the result of such a person.

Andy ‘Sluice’ Kay of York Scooter Club is the man behind this subtle yet amazing Indian produced Vijai Super scooter, aka Lambretta Grand Prix in export markets. With a creative mind and the will to learn any engineering skills he did not already posses, Andy set about producing a scooter for himself with plenty of homemade trick parts.
The remit was riding, the resulting bike being described by Andy as; “the sort of thing if you wanted to cross Russia on a scooter, this would be it.”

The embedded short video below was taken on the cold winter’s morning of the ScooterNova magazine photo-shoot. Of course more information and the specification of his Dystopian Project can be found in the latest edition of our magazine, spread over plenty of pages, allowing you to examine this scooter in full detail.
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