The devil’s in the detail

As we get closer to Easter, scooter projects across the globe get nearer to completion. But how many of those little finishing touches have you still to get?back key 800_2577

Whether building an original classic, creating a show-stopping custom or re-commissioning a reliable workhorse, it’s those final details that prove to be the ultimate cherry on your proverbial cake. Or let it down.engine openimg_2058.jpgCue our plug for the stylish ScooterNova magazine real leather key-holders. Handmade in England by traditional leather craftsmen in the West Midlands, these retro style exclusive key-holders will add the perfect finishing touch to your scooter.tan key 800_2568.jpg

Available in black or tan coloured-leather with the ScooterNova rider embossed in gold, these are available exclusively from ScooterNova magazine, either from our stall at a rally or our online shop here.tan key 800_2566.jpgscooternova keyring_IMG_2490_lo.jpg

Good luck with the build (we’ve still got one in boxes here at ScooterNova HQ!) and see you on the road soon!parts box_2057.jpg

** ScooterNova magazine is an independent publication, by scooterists for scooterists, The magazine is published bi-monthly on quality paper with articles written by knowledgeable and genuine enthusiasts. Designed to show featured scooters in all their glory, with the emphasis on scooters and riders rather than ‘the scene’, ScooterNova magazine is available from all good scooter shops or you can buy and subscribe online via our website. Back issues are also available, while stocks last. For more details visit the ScooterNova website.

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