Ultimate Vespa wheelie?

Have you ever heard of the Highline 179 bridge? No we hadn't either, although until we visit Austria for the EuroLambretta rally in a few weeks we must admit our knowledge of the country in minimal. Anyway, it's a foot bridge that joins the Ehrenberg Ruins and Fort Claudia in the Tyrol, and the last place … Continue reading Ultimate Vespa wheelie?

Cunning Stunts

http://youtu.be/VhZ5hofnAnQ I first saw Nicola stunt riding his Vespa PX scooter at World Vespa Days 2006 in Torino. On the first day he was riding around a race track on the back wheel,  followed by another lap sat facing the wrong way around on his Vespa. I had a brief chat with him over the … Continue reading Cunning Stunts

Bollywood Lambrettas, or is it Pakistan?

Although the title of this video on YouTube reads 'Bollywood Goes Lambretta', with my scooter anorak hood pulled fully up, I suspect this film was shot in Pakistan and not India. Why's that? Well in India, API first got the licence to produce Lambrettas in the late 1950s. To start with they assembled knock-down kits … Continue reading Bollywood Lambrettas, or is it Pakistan?