Ultimate Vespa wheelie?

Have you ever heard of the Highline 179 bridge? No we hadn’t either, although until we visit Austria for the EuroLambretta rally in a few weeks we must admit our knowledge of the country in minimal. Anyway, it’s a foot bridge that joins the Ehrenberg Ruins and Fort Claudia in the Tyrol, and the last place a Vespa rider with vertigo wants to ride a scooter across… let alone wheelie along it!

The Highline 179 bridge is 114.60 metres high, 406 metres long and just 1.2 metres wide. That didn’t dissuade Austrian stunt rider Günter Schachermayr from crossing it on his Vespa though.

He didn’t just ride it though; he removed the front wheel and wheelied across from one side to the other, as seen in his video below.

And keep an eye on Günter’s website, because apparently in June he plans to ride his Vespa through a 90 metres long tunnel of fire at Zell am See airfield. Good luck Günter!




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