Twin Town Courier’s Slovenian Success


Some of you may know of the freelance journalist from Scootering magazine by the name of Sticky. His latest venture is to ride a Lambretta around Europe visiting ‘twin towns’, his latest blog uncovering the fact* that Slovenians “speak better English thanĀ  Brummies”!

Sticky set off on 1 May, his first journey involving a ferry to Spain and then to Guadalajara which is twinned with his home town of Nuneaton.


From there he has ridden through to Italy, stopping at various ‘twin towns’ and meeting with officials to celebrate his trip, and has just crossed the border into Slovenia where the Vespa Club of Ljubljana have organised things for him, including an unpronouncable meal apparently!


You can read about his adventures on his blog, the latest post being this one.

(*fact according to Sticky, but we reckon not applicable to all Brummies!)


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