Pininfarina Scooter Design

Okay, so while we aren't much for modern electric scooters here at ScooterNova, we do appreciate them. More so we appreciate a funky design, which is why our eyes were caught by this concept scooter being previewed at Eicma in Milan today. Australian-based electric scooter manufacturer Vmoto unveiled their APD Concept today, developed in collaboration … Continue reading Pininfarina Scooter Design

The liquid-cooled Vespa GS that never happened

Paolo Martin is an Italian car designer who has also dabbled with two wheelers as well over the years. Amongst others, he's known for his work with names such as Bertone and Pininfarina during the 1960s, De Tomaso, Ghia in the 1970s, designing and styling cars for brands like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Fiat. He's … Continue reading The liquid-cooled Vespa GS that never happened