ScooterNova 36 – has it been that long already?

We’ve just finished putting together edition 36 of ScooterNova and now it’s at the printers for the final stages of production. Yes, we’ve reach number 36 already. How did that happen? With six magazines every year, the time has flown by!

to celebrate we’ve put together another cracking read for you all to enjoy, 100 pages packed from cover to cover with loads of scooter articles.


In no particular order we’ll begin with Sticky’s exclusive test ride of the Casa Performance 250cc twin-cylinder Lambretta engine, a motor that constantly wants to lift the front wheel skywards!

Sticky looks at the development, the people behind it and shares what it’s like to ride on ordinary roads.


We also have a a tidy Lambretta D150 Red Devil, a fitting tribute to the late Howard Chambers who sadly passed away in January 2023. Chris has already clocked up quite a few miles on No19.

Edition 36 also features Part 2 of the interview with Steve Foster who continues the VFM story, as well as talking about scooter rallies during the 80s and 90s, the trials and tribulations of being a rally organiser, and what he calls his white Lambretta GP!

Pete continues to take us East in part two of his tale of touring to the Caucasus and beyond, this time they’re taking a night boat to Georgia before following the Military Road there…

Subtle and eye-catching Lambretta GP ‘Unfinished Business, working class Vespa GS160 and Lamprilia – 6-speed Aprilia motorcycle engine in a Lambretta chassis.

Vittorio Tessera goes back to life before Vespa and discovers the origins of the world famous scooter. Are they Italian? Or possibly American?You’ll have to read edition 36 to find out…

The Lambretta Amiga, the last true Lambretta scooter in many eyes. It never entered production but we’ve ridden a prototype and dug deep to find the whole story about what could have been a game-changer for Lambretta scooters.

Hot off the press, a report on Scooterist Meltdown – now that we’ve thawed out from the ride there and back!

Meanwhile last summer Gary went exploring the West Country on his Vespa.

Want to know more about these and what else is in the magazine? You can pre-order edition 36 by clicking here and the magazines for subscribers and pre-orders will be posted out around the middle of next week.