Tuition Scooters of the 1960s

When it comes to rare classic scooters, dual-control tuition scooters have got to be high on that list. I mean, when was the last time you saw one? The origins and reasons behind the creation of these tuition scooters in the 1960s, both Vespa and Lambretta, are explored in the new edition 32 of ScooterNova magazine (July/August 2022).

The basic concept was for a novice rider to sit at the front with an experienced instructor giving guidance from the rear, which on paper seems like a good idea. But what was it like in the real world?

There were a few variants of the tuition scooter created in the UK, and the article in edition 32 of ScooterNova looks at who was behind these.



We also learn from someone who used one during the 1960s just what it was like to ride pillion with a first-time pilot!

With little information about these tuition scooters in existence, especially outside of the UK, it was thought that maybe it was purely a British concept. However shortly before going to press we discovered one in Europe too, which has been included.

Also in the article is this rather splendid looking training scooter that was originally used by a scooter shop in Bradford, Yorkshire: F&C (Mobyke Spares) Ltd. The history of this particular scooter is quite interesting too.

As you can see on the Mobyke Series 2 Lambretta, the instructor at the rear had their own set of handlebars and also some controls to help teach the novice rider at the front.


If these scooters are ticking your box, you might like to learn that the Mobyke Lambretta Series 2 is actually up for sale, appearing in the Vintage Scooter section of the H&H Classic auction taking place on 20 July at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham. For further details about the auction click here. And for further details about edition 32 of ScooterNova magazine click here.

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