32 Launch Party at Cleethorpes National Scooter Rally

We’re getting excited as we pack up our scooters for the ride to the seaside!

This weekend is the 5th BSRA National Scooter Rally of 2022.  Hosted by the Mansfield Monsters Scooter Club and the Olympics Scooter Club, the scooters-only campsite is at the Meridian Park in Cleethorpes. Advance tickets are not required, just get your weekend wristband before you put up your tent.

Edition 32 of ScooterNova magazine is hot off the press this week. We’re having a launch party to celebrate and invite our scooter riding friends to a cheese & wine soiree on the campsite on Saturday.

Bring your favourite cheese, wine, chutney or crackers to share!  Pick up the latest magazine, a fresh t-shirt, 2022 pin badge or any back issues you may have missed.

Previous Cleethorpes parties have been brilliant – check out our YouTube channel or ScooterNova TV – with Scarborough Col hosting, York SC providing the music from Sluice’s scooter (of course!). There are usually ScooterNova featured scooters around the stall as well as the custom show for a closer look!

Riders competing in the Lambretta Club of Great Britain Best Supporting Member Championship will find the signing-on sheets at the ScooterNova stall on Saturday from about 10am-ish onwards.


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