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We’re pleased to announce that edition 24 of ScooterNova is now at the printers and we can’t wait for the finished magazine to land!

We have almost literally scoured the world for new and interesting scooter articles and have really enjoyed putting this edition together. Starting locally we have a tasty Lambretta SX200 from Norfolk inspired by the club racers and dealer specials of the 1960s, and Vespa U model that landed in Essex after a journey to Scandinavia by the current owner in search of the rare 1950s classic.

From Switzerland we have a stunning Vespa GS that has been subtly customised and up-rated for use in the 21st century, yet in our opinion has lost none of its class styling. In fact, it’a arguably enhanced the lines.

Meanwhile Japan gives us an automatic classic from the 1960s, the Fuji Rabbit S601 Superflow. An interesting machine that rivalled the SX200 as the flagship model in the Rabbit and Lambretta ranges respectively. We also take a look at one aspect of the classic scooter scene in Japan, which includes many more Rabbits, a Pigeon or two as well as a smallie Vespa.

Still in Asia, who knew there was a Vespa factory in South Korea? Nope, a new one on us until recently but we have an article about that too.

Speaking of scooter factories, we take a look at SIL in India, that last Lambretta factory in the world that looks to be finally closing imminently. We also take a peak inside thanks to contributor Rob who visited back in 1994 when scooter production was still (almost) going.

Back to Blightly, we’ve a original British TV Series 1 that was restored and accessorised in Italy (and boy was it in a bad way when dragged out of a barn!), Nudger recalls his trip to Scotland last year during a gap in lockdown, and we speak with Dick Sedgley about his 60 Year Journey with Lambretta that includes his time at Lambretta Concessionaires and running the renowned Essex scooter shop, Roy of Hornchurch.

Add to this Dean Orton’s latest instalment of his series on Scooter Rustoration, a few new products to share with you and a cover designed by a fellow scooterist, and you have another 100 quality pages of scooter magazine to look forward to.

Edition 24 of ScooterNova will be published on 25 February 2021 and you can subscribe or pre-order via our online shop by clicking here, and find our more about ways to subscribe by clicking here.

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**ScooterNova is an independent scooter magazine published and printed in the UK every two months, by scooterists for scooterists. Edition 24 (March/April 2021) will be published on 25 February.  Edition 23 (Jan/Feb 2021) is available now from all good scooter shops, you can also subscribe or buy online via our web shop.