Targa Twin Review – what a sweet sound!

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If you’ve an ear for a finely tuned, multi-cylinder two-stroke engine then you’ll know what I mean when I say they sound sweet! In edition 13 of ScooterNova magazine we have a

good old fashioned road test review of the 275cc Targa Twin engine for your enjoyment and indeed information. But in true ScooterNova independent magazine style, we’ve taken a reader’s Targa Twin scooter and ridden that one. A scooter he paid hard cash out of his own pocket for. Since buying his Targa, Andy has ridden it around the UK and into Europe as well, and he gives us a genuine owner’s opinion of what it’s like to own, ride and live with a Targa Twin.


This is not a brief ride to the seaside for a bag of chips. Nor is it making a big deal of riding to an event for the first time on an engine the manufacturer has supplied in return for publicity. This is Andy sharing with you his highs and lows of Targa ownership, the kind of places he rides it, his opinion on fuel consumption and of course the 64 million dollar question; what does he think of his two years down the line?

Check out our short video here and if you want to read more about Andy and his Targa, then edition 13 of ScooterNova magazine is available now from all good scooter shops, subscription and our secure online shop.

Enjoy the ride!

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**ScooterNova magazine is an independent publication, produced by scooterists for scooterists. It is published bi-monthly on quality paper, with credible articles written by fellow riders. Available from all good scooter shops or mail order via subscription, for more details visit the magazine’s website.

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