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KR Automation is a company whose work I first discovered some years ago when I was sent photographs of a rather tasty Vespa PX street racer from Germany. This was powered by an engine that had been CNC machined as part of the owner’s university study work. Nice!

Fast forward to 2019 and these talents have also been applied to  smallframe Vespas as well as Lambretta scooters too, and the launching of a commercial website yesterday by the man behind it all, Felix.

I should point out at this stage that engine casings that come courtesy of CNC machining are not cheap, so please sit down before checking out the prices. You’re looking at just over 2300 euros for a Lambretta or large frame Vespa casing,

Of course they are not just simply copies of a standard engine. The Lambretta version for example boasts crankcase induction, the ability to fit a 230/270 Simonini cylinder (amongst many other top ends) with plenty of surface area, reinforced suspension area,  and improved cowling set up, to name but a few improvements.

At the cheaper end of the budget are some control blocks for 58 Euros, with cranks and engine side casings nestling in between.KR_Automation_49827667_1990294901067162_4565152641935474688_o.jpg

An interesting layshaft has been developed for large frame Vespa engines with a polygon shape and beefed up which they say on can withstand rotating forced of up to 500 Nm.

Anyway, all this and more scooter porn can be found on the KR Automation website, which is well worth a look, as is their Facebook page where updates and developments will be posted.
Now, does anyone have next weeks’ winning lottery ticket numbers please?

(All images from KR Automation)


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