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Since the launch of ScooterNova as a real magazine back in 2017 we’ve been proud to support fellow scooterists with their events if we can. It’s not always obvious (it seems certain publications somehow manage to omit the ScooterNova name from things they publish…) and as a small, independent publication we can’t do much, but we’ve been part of the scooter scene all of our adult lives and we will do what we can to keep it thriving.
For the second year in a row we are proud that ScooterNova magazine has both designed and sponsored the BSRA National Scooter Rallies advertisement (alongside another scooterist-run business, Crusader Promotions). Once again a star of ScooterNova magazine features on the annual BSRA merchandise.
For 2019 we are again also supporting the SWSC rallies and events (including BSRA rallies) and the Big 7 BSRA rally, as well as smaller events such as the Olympic SC pre-season do, the Vespa Club of Britain‘s British Vespa Days and the Skane Runt in Sweden.
So here is our start to 2019, a name check to those who ScooterNova support and who support us in return. Fellow scooterists doing what we love the best. We may not have much in our coffers, but we do what we can.
Ride safe.

(for a full list of 2019 BSRA rallies, plus both Lambretta and Vespa Club events [when announced], click here.

** ScooterNova is an independent scooter magazine, published bi-monthly by scooterists. Printed on to high quality paper, the articles are credible and in-depth, and cover the wide spectrum of classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters, as well as other, less well-known marques.

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