Lambretta Top Speed Records – who is aiming for them?

Back in 1951 Innocenti built a 125cc record-breaking Lambretta ‘siluro’ that reached 201kph (125mph), breaking records in  many classes and categories, including the top speed record for a 125cc machine.
Fast forward to the 21st century and Team SRP Racetech are one of three teams currently aiming to break Lambretta top speed records. They invited ScooterNova magazine along exclusively to attend the first test ride of their Lambretta Streamliner at Elvington in June 2018.
Edition 8 of ScooterNova has an EXCLUSIVE article on all three top-speed record groups, interviews with those behind them and what goals they hope to achieve.
And to whet your appetites, below is a video from the SRP test day, which was only intended to test the stability and functions of their Lambretta Streamliner at speed, especially as the engine was, until then, untested.
However, when in Rome… there’s no reason not to open the throttle a little and have a play!
Enjoy the video and the magazine article too.

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