Remade Lambretta parts and kits for smallies

Casa Lambretta have been busy of late, which readers of ScooterNova magazine will know from our ‘New products’ pages.
Their latest announcement is that production of remade Lambretta forks is about to begin in Italy.

Casa Lambretta tell us that they will be, “Manufactured in Italy exclusively for Casa utilising the best materials available.”

Eight versions will be  available to suit the following Lambretta models: LI S1 and S2, TV175 S2,  LI/ Special/ SX150, TV/ SX200, late production SX150 and SX200, and finally GP125/150 and GP200. No prices or date of availability have been announced yet.

Mean while the tuning side of the Casa Lambretta brand, Casa Performance has announced testing a new 135cc kit that is being designed and developed to fit any Lambretta 50, 75, 100, or 125cc J Range, Lui Vega or Cometa smallframe scooter. They tell us that the ideas is for; “a ‘plug-n-play’ bolt-on kit to give good power without costing a fortune. The kits are about to undergo extreme testing, along with prototype cranks for both 3 and 4 speed models.”
Again, no prices or news on availability yet but this will follow once testing has been completed.

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