Whitby Scooter Rally – stickers and subscriptions!

There have been plenty of mutterings of late regarding how long the recent winter has lasted, but fear not dear reader for Easter is almost upon us! It was last Easter at Scarborough that we launched ScooterNova magazine, to much acclaim among the scooterists visiting the Yorkshire seaside resort that weekend and indeed thereafter. One year on and we’ll be at Whitby with edition 6, marking a full year of our new independent scooter magazine.

Happy new readers and subscribers at Scarborough 2017!

Since the launch, we have been overwhelmed by the support received from readers and advertisers alike, from small scooter shops to major brands in the two-wheeled industry, scooter clubs and solo riders from around the UK and across the world. Yes, we have subscribers throughout Europe and up into Scandinavia, and also in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA, among other places!

ScooterNova meet SLUK, en route to Scarborough 2017. All riders together.

Back to the Yorkshire coast though and the hub of the scooter rally at Whitby over the Easter weekend is the Pavillion Complex near the whale-bones. There will be live bands and DJs here on Friday and Saturday nights, and during the daytime on Saturday the venue will host a scooter custom show and dealer market, which is where you will find the ScooterNova magazine stall.

Subscriptions & Stickers!

At the ScooterNova stall we shall have the latest edition of the magazine, and for all those who subscribed to ScooterNova magazine from edition 1, you will be able to renew your subscription there with cash, cheques or credit/debit cards.

We will also have some new stickers available, marking ScooterNova magazine’s first year of many on the coffee tables of discerning scooterists, along with some new postcards too. And if you’re really lucky, we might even remember to bring some Easter eggs along as well!
Also available will be back issue copies of ScooterNova magazine, should you have missed any, plus a selection of fine merchandise including our exclusive, real leather British made retro key-holder wallets, hoodies (very warm they are too!), messenger bags and T-shirts with some new colours available. We have some new merchandise coming soon, by the way, including some stylish storage for your collection of ScooterNova magazines!

Anyway, we’re off to pack our scooters. Have a safe ride everybody, and we’ll see you all at the weekend. Don’t forget to stop by for your free sticker!

** ScooterNova magazine is an independent publication, by scooterists for scooterists. Published bi-monthly edition 6 is available now direct from the publishers here, from all good scooter shops (list here) or you can subscribe and have ScooterNova magazine regularly delivered to your door. Click here for more details.


2 thoughts on “Whitby Scooter Rally – stickers and subscriptions!

    1. Hello Ian, yes you can buy just a single copy. You can find information about each edition on our website along with links to purchase online. http://www.scooternova.com/Current_issue.html
      Postage to the USA isn’t cheap I am afraid, but you could try Scooter Fix in Canada who stock some editions.
      Also, if you buy scooter parts from Europe at all then we have shops like Scooter Restorations and Scootopia in the UK who stock the magazine and can send it as part of an order, as can SIP and Scooter Center in Germany, or Rimini Lambretta Centre in Italy.

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