Scomadi 300, no. Scomadi 200, yes!

Scomadi 300

British scooter company Scomadi have had to alter their range plans after Piaggio have apparently   stopped supplying engines outside of their own group of companies.

This means that the Scomadi 300, which was to be powered by the same Piaggio 4-stroke automatic scooter engine as used in their own Vespa GTS 300, is no longer likely to happen. Not in the short-term at least.

Not great news for Scomadi, especially as they had so many interested customers signed up and waiting for one following an online crowd-funding promotion. However Scomadi have subsequently announced that as an alternative they have sourced a European design water-cooled 200cc engine which they plan to use for development of a Scomadi 200 instead, which like the rest of the range will be produced for them in China by Hanway.

Now whilst this may seem like a big drop, the Vespa GTS300 only actually as a 269cc engine beneath it, so the power difference is hopefully not going to be too drastic.

Scomadi 125
Scomadi 125

In the meantime, both the 50 and 125 are available in the UK, the new satin finish Graphite Grey 125 is flicking our switch!

For more details, please contact Scomadi direct, we know no more than what we’ve written on this blog post.


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