New Innocenti scooters – more terrible rebranding (not Lambretta)

Innocenti Moto 2014
Innocenti Moto 2014

We shouldn’t be surprised really, but it still amazes when a company decides that using an old manufacturing brand on modern Chinese scooters is a sure-fire way to sales success. But they do, and here’s the latest…torna_il_marchio_innocenti_ma_niente_lambretta_e_vendita_in_spagna_13818

We first saw the ‘new’ Innocenti brand at EICMA in Milan 2012 I think, sitting alongside ‘new’ Moto Rumi and Maico branded vehicles, seemingly three old brands purchased by the same company in an attempt to get a foot up in the automotive market without putting much effort into it all. In fact, at the Milan show the Innocenti badge was attached to a small electric car. We’re not sure if the name had been purchased, or was simply leased from Fiat who as far as we know still own the Innocenti brand name after obtaining it themselves from a succession of owners following the closure of the original Innocenti automotive factory in Milan.

Anyway, it seems that Spain and Switzerland are the first European countries to receive these new Innocenti branded scooters, which to us look suspiciously like a load of twist ‘n’ go models made in China and rebranded by an importer. In fact a press release suggests that the current range consists of machines selected from up to three Chinese factories. Further research also suggests that the entire range – including model names – seems to have been perviously available in Italy under the HP Power brand of the HP Motorcycle Company srl, who are also behind the Maico and Moto Rumi branded two-wheelers as well.sl_packIn Spain the seven model range of ‘Innocenti’ scooters which will include two mopeds, four 125s and the top of the range Radium 300, the only one with liquid-cooling, prices ranging fromĀ  1,399 euros for the Innocenti Facile 50, to 4,499 euros for the 300.

The brand is expected to be launched their during the last quarter of 2014 and the Iberia Group Lynx Motorcycles will be the exclusive importer for Spain of the Innocenti brand, with “development of the products” also mentioned in an online press release.

If you really must learn more about “Innocenti Italy” (well, their contact address is near Turin – home of former arch rivals Fiat), then point your browser over to which while for now is rather basic, we do expect some ‘historical’ additions in the near future that will no doubt suggest a long heritage with links to Lambretta scooters of old and probably Innocenti cars of the 50s and 60s too.

Until then, we shall remain flabbergasted…

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