Finding Your Feet on the North Coast 500

We recently heard about this inspirational scooter rider and thought our readers would appreciate the challenge taken by Cor Hutton – riding the famous North Coast 500 by scooter.

Here is Cor’s story.

“I’m 52 year old quadruple amputee after contracting sepsis in 2013. Later the first Scottish recipient of a double hand transplant which allowed me to get back on a bike.”

Cor’s AJS Modena

For this charity ride, Cor picked up a 6 year old AJS Modena for just £800.

I can’t change gears with my prosthetic legs so I had to start back with a wee twist and go scooter. Having ridden sports bikes for years, I thought I’d be frustrated with a 125cc but it’s so cute , I became quite attached to it and proud to ride it. All the big bikers seemed to respect my determination too and wanted to know more.

The storage on the scooter allowed for two Mars bars at best so I had to load it up with front and rear bags. My mate had to carry everything else for me on his Suzuki Bandit. I was travelling light (for me) anyway, no hairdryer, no change of shoes (or legs! ) and bare minimum of everything.

One issue with the scooter was the 3 litre petrol tank which allowed 30 to 40 miles at most and in the NC500 that’s risky, so we had to plan our refills carefully.  A syphon was required a couple of times for the Bandit to save the day! It was really a tour of the NC petrol stations, 17 in total! 😂

I thought I’d want to upgrade the scooter the minute I came home, but I was actually really pleased with it, despite the lack of speed and tank capacity!  I was on full throttle most of the way just to reach 60mph and I suppose I now think that’s enough. It’s a nice wee hobby at a few quid rather than my main mode of transport. I’d probably kill myself on anything bigger now!

My point was to show all the amputees that I work with at Finding Your Feet that they can do and be everything they were before their loss – you just need to find a new way.”

Over seven days Cor and her scooter travelled 948 miles to raise awareness for the Finding Your Feet Charity.  So what’s next?

“I’ll keep pushing the boundaries and doing what others don’t expect me to do for as long as I’m able.”

Cor Hutton
Finding Your Feet amputee charity

Finding Your Feet is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered number SCO44572

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