Radical Electric Scooter with Radical Performance Claims

Horwin is an Austrian-designed, Chinese-made electric motorcycle and scooter brand which are unveiling a radical new model and concept vehicle at the Eicma motorcycle show in Milan this year.

The scooter is the ‘Senmenti 0’ and it is apparently to be loaded with technology, along with some impressive performance claims too. 


Apparently there are more than 30 sensors in in the Sementi 0,  and according to Horwin, “It uses automotive level domain control technology to achieve high-speed computing, information judgment and decision-making, forming an intelligent platform integrating data collection, data analysis and automatic decision-making, which not only greatly expands the upgrading space of OTA (Over-the-Air Technology), but also realizes the lifelong evolution of OTA covering all scenarios. It will become more and more intelligent and even in the future, it can realize the learning of human unique personality, use human-computer systems to interact with users, and become a new mobile life with real communication, memory, and learning capabilities.”

By all accounts this will include real-time tyre pressure monitoring, front and rear radars for blind spot and collision warnings, hill-start assist, descent control and even a “sentry mode” to keep the scooter safe when parked up. So AI meets Terminator meets a scooter…



The sensors are also designed to monitor road conditions in order to adapt the bike’s power output to match your habits, which is not something I think I would like a scooter I am riding to do. Apparently, it offers ‘self capturing’ video too, aka selfies, as you ride. That again sounds a bit dubious, but also quite cool…


Acceleration & Speed

As for the electric motor, Horwin already produce a regular electric moped and an electric scooter, the latter of which is capable of around 90kph (55mph), as well as an electric motorbike with a claimed top speed of 110kph ((approx 70mph). The Senmenti 0 features an integrated chassis platform that integrates the motor, electric control and battery, thus reducing wiring required to connect it all together. This also means lighter weight and apparently better heat management too.

But you probably don’t care much about that just yet. The numbers you want to hear are a claimed 600 Nm of rear-wheel torque, which allegedly equates to a top speed of 200kmh (124mph) with 0-100km (62mph) in 2.8 seconds. Horwin claim the scooter has a 300km (186 miles) range (at 88kmh/55mph), and if you should have a 400v super charger, then a recharge time of only 30 minutes for the 16.2-kWh battery pack!

There are to be multiple riding modes, the three regular ones being standard, rain day and sport. It features adjustable rear air suspension, heated handlebars and seat, touch-less ignition, ABS, traction control and a reverse mode to make parking easier.

What it doesn’t have yet is a price, although the Chinese website suggests you can reserve one with a $100 deposit so maybe they are closer to production we think. Visit http://www.horwinglobal.cn/#/senmenti_0 for more details. And while you are there, check out the Senmenti X, which looks proper Tron with  hub-centre steering center-hub steering!

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