Keith Terry – Lambretta Record Breaker!

Back in edition 25 of ScooterNova we published an interview with Keith Terry about his time with scooters, so far. If you missed that, then you certainly missed out. From his time as the ‘Ke’ of Kegra Racing, to getting stopped by the police while road-testing his world record-breaking Lambretta, it is an extremely interesting read, even if we do say so ourselves. And speaking of world records…

… If you did buy edition 25, you may recall Keith explaining that he was still awaiting confirmation of the records he took last year on his Lambretta at Elvington in Yorkshire. The Covid pandemic had, as you may have expected, delayed things somewhat.  However, we are now pleased to share the news that his official certification has arrived, confirming Keith Terry is a Lambretta riding, world record breaker!


Keith took four FIM world records (the two standing start records are based on an average mph over the entire distance) which he set after completing passes in both directions from which an average is taken to alleviate any advantage conditions may have offered on the day:

  • Standing Start 1/4 mile: 63.755mph
  • Standing Start Kilo (kilometre): 68.33mph
  • Kilo Flying Start: 103.915mph
  • 1/4 mile Flying Start: 109.375mph
Keith would again like to thank JB Tuning Classic Scooter Shop for the engine, Putoline Oils and AF Rayspeed for their Clo5e Ratio gearbox, plus of course his family and friends.
We’d like to congratulate Keith again on his fantastic achievement, and for the full story and more of Keith’s other achievements, copies of edition 25 of ScooterNova magazine are still available to buy from our secure online shop by clicking here.
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