Modrapheniacs SC scooter rally

2020 marks the 20th anniversary for the Modrapheniacs annual scooter rally held at Sandford Park in Dorset.


We are really looking forward to the 200+ miles ride to get our scooters loosened up for another exciting year of rallies – local commuting on them is fine, but it’s not quite the same as riding to rallies, is it.  The brand new edition of ScooterNova magazine, #18 will be available there of course, our friend Dave’s Scooter Shack (Scooter Trumps) will be trading there and alongside his selection of useful scooter parts and essential consumables will be ScooterNova magazine. We’ll be taking it a little easy over the weekend, but feel free to come and say hello if you find us lurking around Dave’s stall… or at the bar of course!
And if anyone wants any merchandise delivered, we have some capacity on our scooters to bring a few items down so please purchase them before midnight on Thursday and add a note to the order.


A sunny Modra is long overdue so fingers crossed and we’ll see you on the road or at the bar for a top weekend of scooter fun!

For more information: Modrapheniacs SC Rally Facebook page

* ScooterNova is an independent publication, by scooterists for scooterists that was first published in 2017. Those of us behind the magazine attend events and rallies all over the UK, by scooter of course, and often have stall at them too. For more information, visit our website at
Edition 18 of ScooterNova is available now form all good scooter shops. Alternatively you can have it shipped as single edition or part of an annual subscription, directly from us by visiting our online shop.

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