Rimini Lambretta Centre – new year, new structure

We’ve known the folks at Rimini Lambretta Centre for many years now, shared many an adventure with them and had the pleasure of not only their company both in Italy as well as hosting them in the UK, but also their scooters and scooter skills too (in fact RLC kindly did the engine for my Starstream I’m currently rebuilding). Over the years many friendships have been formed there, which is a wonderful thing to say about a business.

But things move on, or in this case a person does. Having spoken with Dean beforehand about his statement below, he has now posted this officially on social media which we are sharing with his blessing;

“Before the rumour mill goes into overdrive, this Post is just to advise that I officially left Rimini Lambretta Centre as of 20th December 2019.

dean orton leaves
(photo by Dean Orton of his own Lambretta GP)

“I arrived in Italy on 31st July 1992 to live on a permanent basis and set up shop a year later as ‘Adriatica Lambretta’. At the time I was the only person specialising in non-shaft drive Lambrettas in Italy and found myself inundated with work from the offset. It’s been astonishing to watch the company continuously grow to the present day where RLC now has two large industrial units on the outskirts of Rimini and a customer base that covers the entire globe.

“Well-known Italian scooterist, Gegio Degli Innocenti, will take my place and I’m certain that my ex-business partners Michele ‘Micky-boy’ Carlini and Marco Pennesi will ably continue running the shop and ensure that the company name continues to represent both quality and professionalism in the Lambretta world. Initially, I’ll be taking a well-earned break, doing some serious scooter traveling and build my scooter projects that have been side-lined until now, for work reasons. I’ll still be in close contact with the shop and wish them all the best for the future. It’s been a fantastic ride!”

We look forward to continuing our relationship with our friends at RLC and also to the exciting new things they have in the pipeline for 2020. So make sure you keep an eye on the pages of ScooterNova magazine of course for all the latest products from their workshops.

We also wish Dean all the best for the future, look forward to spending some relaxing time together both in and out of the saddle, and promise not to force feed him too many alco-pops when he comes over to visit in a couple of weeks!

Cheers everyone and best wishes for the new year!

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  1. Good luck to ‘im! Sure RLC will continue their sterling work & will be interesting to see what Dean’s next step is.

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