Lower Age for Moped Licence in Germany

Mopeds recognised as a solution for the kids


Back in October 2019, the Bundestag – Germany’s federal parliament – passed a draft law amending their Road Traffic Act allowing the federal states to decide for themselves about the reduction of the minimum age for driving mopeds for their area.

In the past, when asked whether the law governing the age at which someone could ride a moped in the UK would be lowered, my reply was always that I could never see an MP here with the balls to do that. It seems however than in Germany they do have such a vision – and the balls ­– as well as understanding that powered two-wheelers are a solution to transport problems. For example the lack of public transport in rural areas, especially in the east, is one reason as to why the AM15 licence concept has been passed.

DSCN6575 mopedsedit
Youths in Germany trialling mopeds at Scooterist Meltdown 2018.

A trial of the scheme began back in 2013, aimed at helping younger people in areas with a poorer infrastructure. A result of the recent law change means that in states which decide to lower the age from 16, then 15 year olds should find it easier to attend schools, colleges, universities as well as begin apprenticeships and work.


It will be interesting to see how this plays out in Germany. As many know, France and Italy already allow 14 year olds to ride mopeds, and in Spain it’s 15. How many states in Germany allow the age drop will be the first thing to watch with those covering rural areas likely to be the first.

The new law could also see a welcome boost in both moped and motorcycle/scooter sales in Germany too. With more people learning to ride and developing road sense they will likely appreciate the benefits of two-wheels for longer, as well as have a better idea of how vulnerable riders can be too.

The other question is whether other countries – the UK included of course – decide to follow suit. On the one hand, passing such a law technically awards a Government points for looking out for their youth, passing a law to give them more opportunity, and at the same time not costing the taxpayer any money by way of fixing, replacing or building new public transport and related infrastructure. On the negative side, let’s hope we don’t see a rise in casualties on the road as a result of this.

Overall though, this can only be good for those of us who ride, whatever we ride. More riders with us gives us more presence and power on the roads, and hopefully those that cover the miles on two-wheels will also go on to be better car drivers too. Fingers crossed…

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4 thoughts on “Lower Age for Moped Licence in Germany

  1. The thing to think about if we want to encourage this then we need to think about, do we provide entertainment for this age group on rallies as currently most of our events only cater for 18 plus.

  2. A very good idea indeed.. Should give them more road experience etc if possible.. If they take it slowly.. Slowly catching monkey

  3. A good idea to raise road awareness for the younger generation but for those with a full car licence the moped speed restriction should also be lifted as 28mph was fine in the late 70s when the law was introduced but could be considered dangerous in today’s traffic conditions!
    Many EU countries allow the riding of a 125cc on a full car licence (I’m looking to France here particularly with a CBT equivalent) this could be the biggest boost to the industry and far safer for those who don’t want/need to obtain a full licence – the overall effect would be more on two wheels, less congestion and less pollution – a winning scenario all round!

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