SIP’s Anniversary helmet

Helm SIP 25 Jahre black Curve 2018.jpgTo celebrate their 25th anniversary, SIP Scootershop in Germany have teamed up with Italian manufacturer 70’s Helmets to produce a limited edition SIP crash helmet.

“70’s Helmets is a small company in the north of Italy that manufactures retro helmets by hand. Not in the far East but authentic between olive trees and Ferrari flags,” SIP told us. “We have been friends with Fabrizio, the founder, for decades. He has agreed to make an elaborately hand-painted helmet for our 25 years SIP Scootershop anniversary.”

Helm SIP 25 Jahre B03.jpgMade in the form of Japanese KUNOH racing sport helmets from the late 60s, these helmets are “slender and close-fitting.” The lining is made of genuine leather and fabric, there is a claimed minimal amount of wind noise, even at “150+ speed” (presumably kph).
The limited edition helmet is made of fiberglass, weighs approximately 850 grams, button easterners are included so different visors can be attached, there is a strap for goggles and delivery includes storage bag.

**NOTE that the helmets come WITHOUT an ECE number so technically these are NOT road legal.

The RRP is about £216 at current exchange rates, cooler options are black or white and sizes are Small, Medium and Large. The SIP shop link is here.

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Edition 12 OUT NOW!

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