Isle of Man Scooter Rally Stamps – special event cover

To commemorate the 60th anniversary since the first Isle of Man Scooter Rally, the Isle of Man Post Office have issued a set of 8 special scooter stamps.

The set includes

two first class stamps featuring Nev Frost at Douglas Beach in 1969 on a Team S Equipé Lambretta GP and Terry Moore on a Velocette Viceroy at the Ramsey Sprint in 1967. Two EU value stamps feature Tony from the Salford Knights in 2014 and André Baldet in 1962 on his Vespa GS at Douglas Promenade. The £1 stamps feature the Thames Valley Vespa Display Team at Nobles Park in 1958, G Marsh and A Hicks riding a Maicoletta at the Hill Climb in 1961 Kathleen Westaway at Villa Marina, Douglas in 1969.

The Isle of Man event became an important part of the calendar for both scooterists and the Isle of Man until its demise in the 1970s.
However there are now regular rallies on the island, the one this very weekend organised by Barry Turner of Barry Turner’s Scooter Warehouse in Merseyside (coincidentally, also a stockist of ScooterNova magazine).
For the rally this weekend there are also 60 first day covers priced at £25.00 with a special, dated postmark for the event. These will be carried around on the scooter ride out tomorrow (Saturday), and will be sold afterwards with the proceeds going to local charity.
So if you’re reading this blog on the island and want some rare scooter memorabilia, then keep an eye open for these special stamps.
If you’re not on the island then prices for the stamp collection begin at £7.90 and are available online at
You should also know that apparently these stamps cannot be used in the UK, only on the Isle of Man, although that will make them pretty collectable.

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