Scooterist Meltdown, Wunderland, Kalkar, Germany 2018

Spirit of 84 Scooterists have been putting on this pre-season winter warmer event since 2013.

It’s an all-inclusive treat set in the surreal surroundings of a never- commissioned nuclear power station.  All mod cons are available in the numerous hotel buildings with a menu of all-you-can-eat buffet meals and all alcoholic beverages included in the price – sounds like scooterist heaven.

Held at the beginning of February, it’s not billed as a rally but as a social. Neither this nor the weather deterred some hardy riders and this year we set off on a prototype Scomadi 400 scooter test ride to see what Wunderland had to offer.
(Full test ride article will be published on / SLUK soon.)

Dean and Micky of Rimini Lambretta Centre also took a test ride on their demonstrator scooters over the Alps in the snow, with Micky collecting a well deserved furthest travelled trophy.

After an indulgent evening on the ferry, we had a fairly uneventful ride with the Speed Demons SC and were treated to a schnapps or two on arrival.

A quick check-in, ScooterNova stall set-up and we hit the restaurant for a quick bite before sampling what the numerous bars and music rooms had to offer. Well, you can all imagine how the night went…

Saturday arrived much too early and we missed out on breakfast, luckily there were snacks available in the custom show / parts fair all day.  Plenty to see and do all day. There were some impressive custom scooters, lots of ridden scooters – including our very own top sales scooter rider, Serena, who rode over solo on her trusty PX.

The fun games provided more entertainment with Ciao racing – some air in the tyres might have helped! Mechanical bull riding and mini-war-games with Bert’s hand-made cork-shooting crossbows. Nigel (responsible for SLUK’s plastic products) had built an electric bar stool with a beer basket which he left with us for our lazy bar rounds!

Of a more powerful nature, Team SRP took their Lambretta streamliner for its first public run on the Saturday, and very impressive it sounded too.

Back inside and, to celebrate ScooterNova’s first stand-alone stall at a European scooter event, we gave out 200 special Meltdown posters in between riding around on the electric bar stool. Mind you, the fast-flow tap demonstration (with beer!) on the SIP Scootershop next to us in the venue meant we didn’t have to go far for a top up.

DJs and live bands kept the party atmosphere and suddenly it was Saturday night. More partying the night away before waking up to a snowing Sunday ride home.




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