ScooterNova 2 launch celebrations – cheese & wine at Cleethorpes


Only a couple of days to go before Cleethorpes BSRA scooter rally, which means only a couple of days to go before we celebrate the launch of issue 2 of ScooterNova magazine at the seaside resort on the Lincolnshire coast.

While subscribers received their copies last weekend, as did the numerous scooter shops who stock ScooterNova magazine, this is the first National scooter rally since issue 2 where those who prefer to buy their quality scooter reading material at such an occasions are able to do so. Issue 2 will be for sale at both the Lambretta Club (LCGB) and Vespa Club (VCB) stalls as well as directly from us at the ScooterNova stall.

The ScooterNova stall can be found among the dealers stalls on the official scooter rally campsite on Saturday, residing in a Lexham Insurance branded gazebo (with thanks to Lexham and Crusader Merchandising for their assistance and getting it there for us). Both issue 1 and the brand new issue 2 of ScooterNova magazine, along with a few of our branded messenger bags will be available.


We also hope to have one or two scooters from the latest issue at the stall on Saturday, so if you want to take a closer look at the engineered J50 or NSU scooter, they should be about (possibly in the custom for an hour or so, if not at the stall).
There will also be an abundance of new ScooterNova stickers, available FREE for all of our readers.

Then, to celebrate the launch of issue 2 and in conjunction with York SC, from around midday onwards, they will hosting a cheese & wine party at the ScooterNova stall. Please bring your favourite cheese and, if you’re stopping by to purchase a copy of the new magazine, you’re very welcome to have a glass (or rather a plastic cup) with us and enjoy whatever leftfield tunes they’ll be playing from their on-scooter sound system. Yes, we know it sounds sophisticated for a scooter rally, but that’s the way York SC roll!

We wish you all a safe ride to Cleethorpes and look forward to seeing many of you at what we consider a great scooter rally!


You can subscribe to ScooterNova magazine here.
You can view and purchase ScooterNova merchandise here.

Awfully Pleasant 2017

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