The rider’s choice of merchandise


After noticing various members of the ScooterNova team wearing branded shirts and selling from branded messenger bags, we’ve received a number of enquiries about merchandise. So of course, we’ve done something about it.

Launched without fanfare at Weston-Super-Mare rally back in May, our first batch of T-shirts and bags sold out at the event, which took us a little by surprise.
We’ve since been spending our time completing issue two of ScooterNova, and with that in the bag (and our messenger bags are the perfect size of course for carrying your favourite scooter magazine in!), we’ve set about getting some more merchandise produced.

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With Si Barber Design doing such a great job with our ScooterNova rider, it made sense to use this popular character on our range of T-shirts, which we have produced in both ladies and gents cuts in various sizes and colours.


Our ScooterNova rider also appears on the messenger bags too, which are again available in various colours and designs.
Worn and used by ourselves since the launch of ScooterNova magazine earlier this year, we could of course be accused of bias when we say they are all very stylish indeed. But in the same way we ride what we write about, we also wear our clobber too.

Availability & Cleethorpes Scooter Rally

Due to the fact that we ride to the events we attend, carrying an excess of merchandise is a bit awkward, which is why it is usually only available mail order from our website here.
There are however two exceptions to the rules. Firstly, Disco Dez Scooters is also selling our messenger bags exclusively from their premises in Worcestershire. Check them out here.
Secondly, as an experiment, we are offering you the chance to save on the postage and order items to collect at Cleethorpes scooter rally. If this works out then we might extend it to other events we are attending later in the year.
So if you want a T-shirt or a bag, order via our webshop here. Pay as you normally would, including the postage, but ADD A MESSAGE stating you would like to collect from the ScooterNova stall at Cleethorpes scooter rally. Then simply print off your order, bring it to our stall on the official rally campsite on the Saturday between 10am and 4pm, and we’ll give you your goods and refund your postage there. Simples.

As always, if you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you and ride safe.


PS Don’t forget issue 2 of ScooterNova magazine is out NOW! Buy and subscribe online here, or find your local scooter shop stockist here.

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