Merchandise – FREE ScooterNova messenger bags at Scarborough!

IMG_0177 cropped bag

A lot of you have been asking about merchandise and about our messenger bags in particular, so to get the ball rolling we have a special offer at the magazine’s launch in Scarborough!

The deal is that the first 10 people to buy 10 copies of issue 1 of ScooterNova from us at Scarborough will get a FREE ScooterNova messenger bag to take them away in. How good is that?

Now you might be asking, who buys 10 copies?
Maybe you’ve been asked by your scooter club mates to buy their magazines and patches while they have an early morning lie-in?
It could be that you lost the coin flip and you’re getting them in for your friends who are in the pub?
Maybe you simply like quality scooter magazines?

It doesn’t matter, the first 10 to buy 10 get a bag. Simple.

The bags are the same as those we’ve been using to carry our promotional leaflets and postcards around in for the new scooter magazine, so we can vouch for the fact they’re pretty useful. The only difference is these ones are blue while the ScooterNova team have red bags.

So we look forward to seeing you in Scarborough next weekend and remember, the early bird gets the messenger bag!

(This offer is strictly first come, first served, while stocks last. It applies to buyers who visit the ScooterNova stall only, located by the Crusader Promotions stall in the parts fair on  Saturday 15 April 2017 inside the Royal Spa Complex).


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