ScooterNova – the secret is out!

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If you’ve not heard by now, then the next step for ScooterNova is a giant one – we’re launching a brand new, real scooter magazine. Yes folks, a proper hard copy, made of paper and everything!

Our friends over at ScooterLab UK called for a chat last night and  we’ve given them the exclusive heads up on the low down, what’s happening, with who and where.

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As we don’t want to spoil their wonderful article, we invite you to take a look at the SLUK website and read all about ScooterNova. Yes, that might sound strange but we are all scooterists in this together and that’s what scooterists do; help each other out.

As for the magazine, if you’re interested in learning more after than then click here to go to our subscriptions page on our main website.


Thanks for reading, and also for your  and we hope you enjoy the show.

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13 thoughts on “ScooterNova – the secret is out!

      1. Will there be an option for digital subscriptions?
        Also, please privately email me some information on advertising rates. Thanks.

      2. In the first instance it will be paper magazine only, proper old skool!! That’s not to say however that if demand grows, especially worldwide, that a digital version couldn’t follow. For now however, we do point people towards our friends at ScooterLab UK ( for some fantastic scooter content online that is always bang up to date.
        I’ll email you separately about the ad rates too. Thanks again.

  1. Thats great news – Good Luck guys with this Giant move forward.
    I always enjoy reading your articles & like the style of your reporting.
    Best Wishes Dave Breese

    Royale Enamel Ltd UK

  2. Good luck. I’m looking forward to seeing a scooter magazine that I might be tempted to read again!

  3. Thank you ever since the team left I’ve been looking forward to a paper copy, Sluk is excellent but when you want to sit and ponder without electronic devices a paper copy is good to read on the loo. I hope to have a good read as well as contributing to articles for the magazine.

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