and so it begins…. Vespa 70th Anniversary

In this our year of the 70th anniversary of Vespa, the Guardian newspaper report that the Vespa is under threat in the very city of its inception.

Two wheels bad? from the Guardian

In the Italian city of Genoa, the mayor has postponed the daytime curb of pre-1999 motorcycles intended to reduce smog after the launch of the #handsoffmyvespa social media campaign.

As riders and custodians of classic transport, we already know that our scooters are much more environmentally friendly than gas-guzzling, diesel-spewing trucks, buses and the like.

Scooters and other two (and some three) wheelers also deal with congestion on all roads especially busy city streets, not to mention providing public street art where they are parked.

We certainly hope this and similar campaigns will save us and our historic vehicles from narrow-minded legisation : if we don’t act this will be the thin end of the wedge.

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