Noys-Ray Lambretta Fairings

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Of all the rare scooter accessories doing the rounds today, very few are made of fibreglass… for obvious reasons. No, it’s the steel   bolt-on bits that have survived the ravages of time, albeit often with peeling chrome plating and absent decals.
With mass-produced items like screens for road use from the likes of Feridax rare as hen’s teeth today, we doubt it very much that handcrafted screens such as this dolphin fairing exist today.

Noys-Ray fairing for Lambrettas
Noys-Ray fairing for Lambrettas

Fabricated by Don Noys of South London, presumably with friend, colleague and fellow racer Ray Collins (hence the Noys-Ray name of these screens), these fairings were moulded from fibreglass with double curvature Perspex screens ands were tailored for the Lambretta slimstyle models.
According to this advert from 1967, apparently they attached using existing bolts, so no drilling was necessary, the forward mounted headlamp was fully adjustable, and for your £8 15s (plus 10s carriage) you could have your fairing in white, black, red, yellow or blue.

And if the name Don Noys rings a bell, check out the Noys Stingray Lambrettas here and here.

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