Lambretta Series 2 – Pedigree Shows!

Automobile Products of India Ltd (API) were the first company in India to produce Lambretta scooters there, beginning in the late 50s by assembling the D and LD models from CKD (complete knock down) parts sent by Innocenti from Italy, before progressing to full production of the Li Series 2 model.

API continued producing this model into the 1970s when Scooters India Ltd (SIL) took over the Lambretta brand, forcing API to rebrand their products as ‘Lamby’ scooters. As can be seen from this advert of 1981 though, the Lamby 150 was obviously still very much based on the Lambretta Li Series 2.

The MAC 175S incidentally was another model, produced as a tribute to the company founder, Dr. Muthiah Annamalai Chidambaram.

API Lambretta advert from 1981
API Lambretta advert from 1981
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