Top 5 scooter Christmas presents

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all that rubbish over and done with, we thought we’d share with you a few suggestions of Christmas presents should your wish list include scooter related items. Well, who wouldn’t want Santa to pick up such things for the special day?

So here are some ideas as well as links to the products, for which we apologise to our vast number of worldwide readers, but they are all British shops.

haynes_Vespa_T5 spannerslambretta

To begin with, what better thing for any scooter owner to have by their side than a manual full of useful information regarding the maintenance and servicing of their favourite scooter?

In our experience the best one for Vespas are those produced by Haynes, the later PX specific manuals being far superior to the older ‘all models covered’ version.

For Lambretta owners we’d suggest Sticky’s manual as being the most thorough covering all large-frame models from the Series 2 to GP, including Spanish and Indian variants.

For these and other scooter related books, we suggest checking out Scooter Products.


Another important item to consider at this time of year is the neck warmer and face mask, especially as the days get colder. Italian firm Tucano Urbano offer their Face-Tu-Face here with a thick fleece lining for the neck and thinner portion to pull up over your face while riding. Very neat, and essential for winter riding. Find out more at Tucano Urbano.

paddygirllsbestfriend paddy_originalhood paddy_wheels paddyvintage_black

Still on the clothing front, the legendary scooter rally patch producer Paddy Smith has a range of T-shirts and hoodies that anyone would be pleased to find wrapped up under he Christmas tree this year.  To find out more about Paddy Smith visit his website, and for his designer shirts and other products visit Paddy Smith Originals for more details.


Got a big bore kit and large carb on your scooter? Then maybe a spare petrol can is a good idea to carry around with you on your thirsty scooter. This little plastic can holds just two litres so is ideal to fit into your toolbox, but perfect to get you a  few more miles further up the road.  You can buy these from Scooter Restorations.


Finally, if you’re looking for a stocking filler, what better than a new Scooternova sticker? Measuring approximately 10cm wide and 6.5cm high, printed in full colour and cut to an oval shape, what more could any scooter enthusiast want?

To get one of these neat stickers for your scooter (or toolbox, garage, shed, fridge etc., or any interesting and/ or obscure locations!), visit our webshop here.

Happy Shopping everybody!

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