Ride each day the ISO way


The lesser known scooter from Milan, like their local rivals Innocenti (producers of the Lambretta), ISO also had small cars and commercial vehicles rolling off their production lines. Also like Innocenti, before WW2 ISO were not involved in the automotive industry either, in their case it was refrigerators (as Isothermos).

Arguable one of the prettiest alternatives to a Lambretta or Vespa, this ISO (there were earlier models) was visually a bit of a mixture of both, its 4-speed 150cc engine pretty good too, but sadly the ISO scooters didn’t last the distance and eventually the company gave up on two-wheelers.

Ironically, the ISO Grifo sports car was later imported into the UK by Lambretta Concessionaires, although the scooters in 1960 were imported by Stuart & Payne Ltd of London, EC2.

We have a photo of the ISO factory on our main website here.

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